Caro Daur wants to expand her career as an actress more

©imago/Runway Manhattan

With 1.8 million followers Fashion blogger Caro Daur (23) is one of the most well-known Influencers in Germany and is booked as a Model around the world. Also on the Fashion Week in Berlin, she was now a welcome guest. But there she revealed in an Interview with the “image” that they follow at the present time, other career plans: she wants to be an actress!

“I’ve played during my studies in business management, a lot of Theater, but eventually I had no more time. The missing me completely,” she told the newspaper in Berlin. In the meantime, you can take it back to acting classes and work intensively on their new career. A first appearance Daur had already 2017 in the Comedy “High Society – opposites attract”. A next project already in the starting blocks…