Students stage demonstrations in the central London area following criticism of the government’s educational policies

Students marched throughout central London in the thousands, calling for free education funding through imposing taxes on the country’s wealthiest citizens.

Organizers of the demonstration, which was supported by the Labour party, we’re expecting approximately 10,000 individuals to join in the march to parliament starting at Malet Street. However, the actual number of attendees appeared lower.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, recorded a video message directed at students to encourage them to participate in the demonstration, declaring that the Tories cuts to educational budgets since 2010 are “unprecedented” and claiming that Britain’s youth have been betrayed by politics and the establishment.

The march was relatively peaceful, with participants demanding grants for universal living and the eradication of expensive tuition fees.

The demonstration included a samba band performance, flares being set off, and slogans demanding education for everyone – not just the rich – as well as decrying education cuts.

Demonstration leading up to Cabinet meeting to discuss education reform and budget

Corbyn’s message and the demonstration come at a time of increased tension within the sector of education, since a series of general election Labour pledges passed successfully and the government was defeated in a vote regarding fee cap increase.

Cabinet members are reported to be considering other educational reforms prior to a meeting to discuss budget next Wednesday, including the reinstatement of maintenance grant and the possibility of rescinding tuition fees entirely.

In 2016, students of little financial means were denied grants f and provided with loans, meaning a significant portion of graduates will enter the work-force with considerable debt.

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