the day after the historic vote in the British house of Commons. The Brexit Deal of Theresa May is dead. In the evening, the British Prime Minister must be a miss trust make a vote.

The most important Brexit messages at a Glance:

Pharma associations warn of Drug shortages (10.42 PM)Labour collects signatures for re-election (9.00 am)Altmaier calls from London clear Signal (7.41 PM)markets react calmly to rejection of the Brexit Deals (7.24 p.m.), Beer calls for special EU summit (4.24 PM)

The developments of the day:

+++ 10.50 PM: consumer advocates complain after Brexit vote legal uncertainty for vacationers +++

threatened with The prospect of a hard Brexit without agreement with the EU, according to the consumer center Federal Association (vzbv) to let the tourists stand in the rain. “Many consumers are already planning your Easter holidays,” said vzbv chief Klaus Müller. “They urgently need clarity about which rules apply and whether you can during a holiday in the UK on their usual rights of trust.”

+++ 10.42 PM: the pharmaceutical associations of warn due to Brexits prior to Drug shortages +++

pharmaceutical associations warn in the case of a disordered Brexits shortages in medicines. Without a transition phase or schemes for the complex supply chain for medicines the supply of medicines in the UK and the rest of the EU could be disrupted delivery “sensitive,” warned the German Federal Association of drug manufacturers (BAH) in Berlin. The UK and the EU would have to take for a Brexit, without a Deal with Brussels to take urgent measures so that patients could get their medicines.

Across the UK, many of the Raw materials and active ingredients come onto the European market, the BAH. Almost one out of every four medicines for the EU will be released and marketed. Accordingly, the fears of a disorderly Leaving at the end of March are: “drugs that have been approved for the whole of Europe, in the UK, and may not be distributed from now on in Europe,” warned the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical industry (BPI). In the case of a Brexits without an agreement, the UK will in the trade to the third country, including related customs duties and other restrictions, said CEO Martin Zentgraf. “We can only hope that it comes to supply shortages on both sides.”

+++ 09.19 PM: the Federal government answered frequently asked Brexit-questions +++

Can I travel as a German after the Brexit still without a visa to the UK? I can spend in the future is an Erasmus-Semester in the UK? To such questions, the Federal government in the net position under the title of “Brexit – questions and answers”. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert campaigned on Twitter for the information: “you ask us many questions around the topic of Brexit: How to do it more for the people in Germany and the UK, for politics and the economy.” The Federal government will answer the most frequently asked questions is “where possible”.

+++ 9.13 PM: EU chief negotiator: All the consequences of the British decision is hardly assessable +++

The European Union hopes that, in spite of the British ” no ” vote for the Brexit Treaty, continue on an amicable separation with great Britain. “An orderly withdrawal will remain in the next few weeks, our absolute priority,” said EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, on Wednesday in the European Parliament. However, the risk of No Deal-Brexit. The next decisions were in the UK alone. “At the Moment it is too early, all the consequences of this vote.” Because the opponents of the Pact have very different motives. You’ll work up to the end constructively on a solution, assured the negotiators. However, he noted the UK no further concessions. The exit contract is the best possible compromise.

+++ 9.00 PM: Labour is collecting online signatures for re-election +++

A vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, Theresa May has requested leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn – in addition, the party gathers its Labour-are also signatures for a new election. Corbyn applied to the Online call in the night to Wednesday on Twitter. It is a Parliament, need now choice, he wrote, and called on the miss trust to support a vote. It is to follow in the evening on may’s heavy defeat in the British house of Commons during the vote on their Brexit Deal with the EU. Until the morning, around 15,000 people had supported the initiative of the opposition party.

+++ 08.51 PM: Strong increase in naturalizations after Brexit Referendum +++

After the Brexit Referendum in 2016, has increased the number of in Germany, naturalised British. In the year 2017, the number of the British, the German citizenship acquired jumped to 162 per cent to just under 7500. This is the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced.

Vice versa, but also very many in Britain, Germans living there naturalized. This number grew in the year 2017 2636 people. The statistics show that 165 percent more than in 2016.

+++ 08.14 PM: Green party leader Baerbock calls again Brexit Referendum +++

After the Failure of the Brexit agreement in the British house of Commons, the Chairman of Annalena Baerbock, a second Referendum in Britain over whether the country should remain in the EU. “Let the people decide”, demanded Baerbock. “Should the British men and women to stay in the EU, are open to you the doors of the European house at any time.”

The rest of the EU should signal to London that they are an extension of the deadline on the planned Leaving date from the 29. March, would agree, “if the British government needed the time to organize this important decision of the British people about the Brexit”. However, the EU should make the British “no more concessions,” said Baerbock. “Otherwise, we will seriously endanger the European single market.”

+++ 08.14 PM: Maas calls to Brexit-defeat in London, the clarity of great Britain +++

After the Ablehnung of the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament calls for the Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) clarity of the UK. The country was now “on the train,” said Maas in the Germany radio. The deputies of the lower house had not made it clear what you want – only what you want. “This is not enough,” stressed the foreign Minister.

There is a need for a quick solution. Renegotiations of the submitted agreement with the EU, he can see, but critical. “We have a compromise,” said Maas. Both sides had already met each other halfway. “If you can offer much more, would have to have to do this weeks ago.”

+++ 07.41 PM: Altmaier calls from London clear Signal against hard Brexit +++

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) has called on the UK to position itself against a hard-Brexit. Currently not quite clear, what the British wanted, however, it should be clear that it “outlet to be obviously no majority in favour of a Unger,” from the EU, said Altmaier, head of the ZDF-“morning magazine”. “And this must be made clear. That would be an important Signal for the markets, for jobs, for economic development.”

this evening must set the Prime Minister Theresa May a vote of no confidence. If she survives this, she wants to present until next Monday, plans for further action at the Brexit.

Altmaier said, the British would have to now get the opportunity to clarify their Position. Then will talked about at the EU level. Clear, however, that the negotiated Brexit agreement was “substantial negotiation”.

+++ 07.24 PM: markets react calmly to rejection of the Brexit Deals +++

The harsh rejection of the withdrawal agreement with the EU, the British Parliament has left the financial markets mid-week, once cold. “The markets remain calm. It seems that traders and investors had been well prepared,” said chief strategist Michael McCarthy from the Broker CMC Markets. The Broker IG prized the Dax almost two hours before the start of trading 0.15 percent higher on a 10-908 points. The British index FTSE 100 has hardly been prized changed.

On Wall Street had shut down the major stock indexes on the eve with a Win. In the far East, the stock markets have reported slight premiums. The price of gold as an indicator for the risk aversion of investors increased slightly, U.S. government bonds.

Larger fluctuations in there before and after the vote, especially the British pound. Now has calmed down the situation but also here. The British currency is quoted against the US Dollar back to the level from before the Brexit vote. “This shows how uncertain the exit process remains and how little the yesterday’s decision has been reached,” said Analyst Craig Erlam from the Broker Oanda.

+++ 04.24 PM: Beer calls for special EU summit within 48 hours +++

The designated top candidate of the FDP for the European election, Nicola Beer, calls for an EU special summit within 48 hours after the Failure of the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament. Beer said the German press Agency: “The situation in the UK and in the EU, after the defeat of Theresa May after the vote dramatically. The EU must immediately respond to it.” It should immediately be explored, “what steps can the EU, in order to ensure that there is an orderly Brexit and then so close relations between the EU and the UK as possible, to be able to develop”.

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