According to a poll conducted by the Oklahoma Education Association, voters have had enough and demand better budgets and funding for education.

Legislative Session

As the legislative session approaches, voters have expressed their opinions through a poll conducted by the Oklahoma Education Association, stating that better funding is absolutely required by the state to update and upgrade their education.

According to the poll, the legislature only has a 7% approval rate with Oklahoma voters while the governor was only slightly better at 12%. One out of four voters stated that neither the legislature nor the governor was more likely to increase and focus on funding which only proves further that Oklahoma has failed as a state to provide a better education and to overall increase teacher salaries.


Oklahoma voters and residents are aware of the major education crisis in Oklahoma and are demanding a change. According to statements and polls, the number one issue is education and funding it. Over 70% of voters have said that they would even support an increase in state taxes if it meant enhancing and focusing on education as well as more funding for an increase in teachers’ pay.

Oklahoma is one among the 20 states in America that continue to cut budgets and funding to education despite the recovering economy. Despite a $41 million increase in educational funding, it’s clearly not enough to support a consistent increase in enrollment and education needs.

Michael Leachman, director of state fiscal research at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has stated that “At a time when the nation is trying to produce workers with the skills to master new technologies and adapt to the complexities of a global economy, states should be investing more — not less — to ensure our kids get a strong education.”

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